Mimi's House

Mimi’s House is a mentoring and nurturing program aimed at children from Prep to Grade 5. The program uses a child centred approach to empower and equip children to manage their emotions and overcome the challenges they may face at school and in their personal lives.

Mimi’s House provides a supportive, safe and non-judgmental environment in which children can work through their problems and learn to thrive.

Class teacher : since going to Mimi’s House Blade now gets himself to school regularly and is trying to do his school work.  A  great improvement.

Carer : Sasha loves going to Mimi’s House. She is always so happy when she comes home.

Nan : Woody cant wait till Wednesday, his day to go to Mimi’s House. He is much calmer and is now getting along with his brother. He even told me he has to own his behaviour!!

Children at Mimi’s House are initially referred to us through a local school Guidance Officer and/or Principal and a continued partnership with the school is maintained as a vital part of this program. We work closely with each school to ensure every child is receiving the care and attention they need to help them be successful.

Our Mission is to build strength and resilience into the lives of children experiencing severe disadvantage by teaching life skills and helping them engage in healthy and positive relationships with themselves, each other and their communities.

Our Vision is to see children restored to dignity and wholeness and able to reach their full social, emotional and academic potential.


  • Capability – we value the unique capability of every child and endeavour to identify and work with their strengths and abilities.
  • Relationships – We value the relationships we have with the children we serve, their families, schools and greater community.
  • Faith and Hope – Faith and hope is critical to the quality of the service we provide and an important quality we aim to teach our children.

Every year in the Moreton Bay region, many children are falling out of the school system, not because they lack ability, but because of the intense social and economic disadvantage they experience.

Many children are exposed to domestic violence which leads to absenteeism and disengagement with learning, self-harm and other concerning behaviours.

Established in 2012, Mimi’s House has taken over 150 students through an annual program which constitutes supplementary care to the school curriculum. Named after a pet name for “Grandma”, Mimi’s House is designed to be a safe haven for children, where they can retreat one day per week to experience nurture, guidance and wisdom that traditionally was experienced from a visit to Grandma. Children participate in cooking, gardening, physical exercise, and other holistic and supplementary care programs.  It is a place where children can feel a sense of value, love, trust and belonging.

Schools report that children who have been through Mimi’s House have shown substantial improvement in participants self-motivation, positive outlook for their future, honesty,  working hard to improve themselves, respect for others, importance for rules and laws and their ability to sort out difference with others without hurting others.

As Mimi’s House meets the needs of these children, we hope to see them engaged in learning within our education system.