Logan Community Services

Connect and Crisis Care

Emergency Relief Food Parcels

Mondays | 9:30am – 2:30pm
·         By appointment only
·         Call on the day to make an appointment

Rather than separate the two elements – the key to restoration of lives is bringing Connection alongside Crisis. We believe the immediate request of food or financial assistance is not always the true extent of a person’s need.

Our emergency relief food parcel appointments allows connection by developing relationships with the aim to connect to the wider community or other services where necessary.

Cultural Support and Advocacy

Work Ready
Thursdays | 11:30am – 2:30pm
·         Resume writing
·         Cover Letter writing
·         Assistance in job searching, preparation for job interviews and how to get that job!

We provide culturally trained professionals to give support and education to people seeking help across various areas of life. We also work alongside migrants and the Pacific Islander community through various services and programs and referral agencies.

Cultural Support and Advocacy assists the local community in preparation and job seeking, life skills, settling in the community and language support.


The Hope Space


The Hope Space is a room located at the rear of Hope Centre Brisbane, right on Breakfast Creek.  It is a space to accommodate and assist with development of community partnerships. Groups and organisations associated with Work for the Dole, or Job Seeker training, are more than welcome to use The Hope Space as their place to meet.

For bookings, please contact us. P: 07 3253 1300.

The Hope Store

Loneliness is one of society’s greatest issues, and the volunteers who staff the Hope Store provide a connection point for those who otherwise would go for days not talking to anyone.

The Hope Store is situated centrally in the Beenleigh CBD. It is not only a quality pre-loved clothing shop, but is also a wonderful connection point for the Beenleigh Community. It’s a place where everyone is welcome.

Come in, browse around, sit and have a tea or coffee and you are guaranteed a listening ear.

All proceeds from the Hope Store go back into the work of Hope Centre Services.


The Hope Store
102 York Street, Beenleigh
P: (07) 3382 7886
E: info@hopecentreservices.org