Our Program


Mimi’s House is an innovative early intervention program that partners with primary schools to support the social, emotional and physical development of children from prep to grade 5. It does this by creating a nurturing, home-like environment for children at-risk of disengaging from learning. Our program was developed to directly address these children’s need for support through an initial one-year nurturing and skill development program followed by a second-year mentoring program.

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Early Intervention

Mimi’s House is a one-year program where children attend on the same day every week for the duration of the school year. The program uses a child centred approach to empower and equip children to achieve greater success at school and in their personal lives. Mimi’s House provides a supportive safe and non-judgemental environment in which children can work through their problems, learn to thrive, build confidence and develop teamwork and resilience.

Children are taught practical skills across a number of domains such as self-care, hygiene, cooking, craft and other artistic endeavours. Children engage in term-based projects that often involve group work which creates an opportunity for them to learn to follow through with tasks and experience a sense of completion.

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2nd Year Mentoring

All of our mentors are screened and trained community volunteers. Mentors consistently meet with a child fortnightly building strong, positive relationships. The mentors reinforce skills and values learnt in the initial first year nurturing program while further developing those that still need work. Mentoring extends the impact of the Mimi’s House program which leads to better long term outcomes for our children.

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Family Support

Our family liaison develops positive relationships with the families of children who attend the program offering support and mentoring. Families are offered assistance and referred to relevant support  agencies when suitable.