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Our Purpose



Our vision is to see children restored to dignity and wholeness, and able to reach their full social, emotional, and academic potential. 



Our mission is to build strength and resilience into the lives of children experiencing disadvantage or trauma by teaching life skills and helping them engage in healthy and positive relationships with themselves, each other, and their communities. 

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We value the unique capability of every child and endeavor to identify and work with their strengths and abilities.

We value the relationships we have with the children we serve, their families, schools, and greater community. 

Hope and Faith  
We value hope and the power it has to transform lives and restore dignity. We value faith as a quality of the service we provide.  


Our Story


Founders Grant + Kym Austin

After years of youth and student support work in schools as chaplains, founders Grant and Kym Austin noticed that many of the children sent out of class were not 'bad' or 'dumb' kids but were often children who were dealing with the impact of personal trauma. In 2012 they established Mimi’s House through Hope Centre Services as a direct response to a local community need for support services for children who are at risk of disengaging from education.  

Since then, over 200 children have benefitted from the program, many of whom are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

The program has continued to grow in capacity each year and we now partner with five different schools, working with 50 children across five days a week. Mimi’s House has also grown to include a second-year mentoring program where children are matched with screened and trained community mentors.

In 2017 we began a venture philanthropy partnership with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) to further sustainably scale and develop the Mimi’s House program in readiness for expansion. Through this partnership we commenced undertaking a study with the University of Queensland that will enable us to determine and articulate long-term impacts and benefits of Mimi’s House for children and the broader impacts this has in both schools and the wider community.

It is our hope and intention that the Mimi’s House program can be expanded to other regions of need around Australia.

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Our Team


Our Partners

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School Partnerships

Mimi's House intentionally engages and partners with each child's school. 

We currently partner with 5 local primary schools in the greater Brisbane area. 



Our Governance

Mimi’s House has its own advisory board and functions under the guidance of the Hope Centre Services Board. The board is committed to good corporate governance and transparency. These highly qualified and committed groups of people guide the organisation’s strategic direction, oversees management and ensures compliance with the organisation’s vision, mission and objectives.   Our current Directors bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly with regards to corporate stewardship.  They act voluntarily and receive no payment for their services.